Prism - YoYo

Prism - YoYo

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Aluminum. Unresponsive.

Prism is an exciting winged shaped aluminum yo-yo with a unique finish and amazing performance.

It's diffused rainbow anodized finish gives it a fresh and exciting look. It has a very cool color feature when it spins it looks steel grey with flashes of color. Unlike any yo-yo you've ever seen.

It's high quality steel ball bearing and silicone friction stickers make this performance YoYo play as good as it looks. You need to play this one to really appreciate what a special YoYo this is.

Weight: 66 grams
Width: 42 mm
Diameter: 53.5 mm String Gap: 4.75 mm
Bearing : Standard C size, Quality Stainless steel
Response: Silicone Friction Stickers